First Sketches of Marination’s Super Six

UntitledAs many in the neighborhood are eagerly awaiting, Marination’s new project, Super Six, is currently under construction, converting Hudson’s Esmay building into a new restaurant set to open in the fall. The design for the restaurant just recently received approval by the Landmarks Preservation Board and the Columbia City Review Committee. In the released, public application and decision there are some sketches and mock-ups done by Strata Architects, the firm behind the design.

The images appear to be scanned and are therefore not the best quality, but here’s your first look at what’s coming to the neighborhood:

Hudson 6.1 Hudson 6.2 Hudson 6.3 6.4

One thought on “First Sketches of Marination’s Super Six

  1. Ray Akers says:

    Looks great! A welcome addition to Columbia City.

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