A Weekly Guide to Columbia City Arts, Entertainment, and Culture

Columbia City has a number of great venues and theaters. As a neighborhood, we all know the value of these businesses and also know how necessary it is to support them in order to keep them a vital part of our thriving community. I’ve always had the idea to use Columbia City Source as a way to post a simple, regular guide for the week’s music, theater, and movie happenings in the neighborhood.

If this is something that readers are interested in and value, be sure to let me know in the comments. Also, if anyone connected with these theaters, clubs, restaurants, etc. wants to get involved and take on a weekly posting like this for the whole of the neighborhood’s venues, let me know…I’d be happy to hand this one off to someone who’s truly involved with Columbia City’s arts and music scene.

ArkRoyalTheaterArk Lodge Cinemas has three movies this week. Showtimes are for Mon -Thurs:

Columbia City Theater has a mix of live music and karaoke:

The Royal Room has a mix of both free and ticketed events (see the main Royal Room page for details):

  • Monday, August 24th (8pm): Enso/ Johnaye Kendrick with Dawn Clement & Chris Symer, (10pm) The Salute Sessions (Salute to Monk)
  • Tuesday, August 25th (8pm): Perry Robinson / Stochastic Mettle Union local #35
  • Friday, August 28th (8pm): Beth Fleenor’s Birthday Show featuring: Amy Denio / Tarik Abouzied Duo, Angela Sheik, Led to Sea, Trimtab, Crystal Beth and the Boom Boom Band
  • Saturday, August 29th (9pm): Twisted Groove

Rainier Valley Cultural Center is hosting a weekend event for the new Rainier Valley Radio Station:

The Hummingbird Saloon has music this Tuesday from a neighborhood band:

Island Soul continues its regular weekly offerings:

  • Wednesday, August 26th: Angelo Pizarro

4 thoughts on “A Weekly Guide to Columbia City Arts, Entertainment, and Culture

  1. Rumba Notes lounge most likely has events/music/DJs this week as well…there website/facebook page does not seem to be up to date

  2. Mark Fox says:

    Please do continue this! It’s always a bit difficult to locate a consolidated source for local arts, theatre, and culture events; and the artists out there can use all the support and publicity they can get! Thank you!

  3. Bette Dean says:

    This is great addition. Thanks for doing this.

  4. Cathy Godwin says:

    You look like a valuable source! Please tell us how to subscribe, how to support this page!

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