Salted Sea Reviewed by Seattle Weekly

Salted Sea earned itself a full review from The Seattle Weekly. Here’s the quick summary:


The absolute best thing on the menu? Shrimp toast. Though you may recall it from your childhood Chinese-American restaurant’s pièce de résistance, the flaming pu pu platter, what few people know is that the Vietnamese also have their version, likely influenced in part by the French. Here, small rounds of French bread are slathered in shrimp paste, scallion, ginger, and lime, then broiled. The result is like a savory, shrimp-flavored cheese toast, as the shrimp paste melts and resembles cheese in texture. It’s completely delicious and gooey, and you should get two orders ($8 each) so that, if dining as a couple, you each get three.

As for service, it was somewhat uneven, though always friendly; given the full house and the restaurant’s infancy (it opened earlier this summer), longish waits here and there were forgivable.

If you don’t mind the haphazardness of the Vietnamese influence, you’re sure to find enough here to enjoy. But it may take more than a few visits to figure it out.

To read the whole piece, click here.

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