New Clues About Third Place Book’s Upcoming Restaurant, Raconteur

third_books_march_2013Ever since it was confirmed that Third Place Books is coming to the former Seward Park PCC site, many have been wondering what restaurant bookstore owner, Ron Sher, will be planning for the space. For those not familiar with Third Place, food is definitely part of the equation. The Ravenna location (also a former PCC) houses the popular Vios (which also has a branch of its Greek cafe on Capitol Hill) and The Pub at Third Place. Further north, the Lake Forest Park bookstore has a mini-food court of sorts with the Honey Bear Bakery, Kitto, and Burney Brotthers BBQ. Additionally, both Third Place Locations have plenty of space to find a spot to spread out, grab a coffee, and study, work, or read.

As reported earlier, the initial permits for the new Seward Park Third Place also include plans for at least one restaurant (it also seems the basement will possibly be used as a pub). Poking around a bit, it appears that the name for the restaurant will be Raconteur. To make things just a bit more interesting, Coury Restaurants seem to be the group behind Racounteur. Who are they? I have no idea…except that they share an address with Genessee’s own Flying Squirrel Pizza.


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