Pagliacci Pizza Coming to Rainier and Ferdinand

pagliacci_logoI know it’s been a month or so since my last major update (see the post below), but here’s a big one:

Ever since an out-of-control SUV slammed into 4901 Rainier Ave last summer, the neighborhood has been wondering what’s coming to the corner of Rainier and Ferdinand. Due to the building’s location in the historic landmark district as well as the extensive seismic retrofits necessary, the process has been drawn out. Plywood has covered the building at the heart of the business district for over a year.

Over the past few weeks however, there’s been some action.

Recent applications to Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development reveal that the plan is to remodel and restore the building. In fact, some of that is already well underway.

The new tenant?

Pagliacci Pizza

See the application notes below:Pagliacci

2 thoughts on “Pagliacci Pizza Coming to Rainier and Ferdinand

  1. writerlola says:

    Do you know who owns this franchise?

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