South Seattle Emerald on Columbia City Changes

angeline-4The South Seattle Emerald has a new piece highlighting the increased rate of change that’s been hitting the neighborhood. In the article, Nicole Einbinder, checks in with a number of neighbors (ranging from recent transplants to those who have been here for quite a while) on the reaction to new development and new additions to the neighborhood. To read the whole piece, click here. Here’s a highlight:

As Columbia City continues to undergo large-scale development, public reaction to new projects like the Angeline has been mixed. According to some long-term neighbors, the rapid construction projects and new shops introduced over the past few years not only signal gentrification and changing demographics, but an altered culture from what originally drew them to the south side.

“When rents go up and when people come in paying a higher rent they tend to have different priorities than cultural,” said Angeline resident Paul Nelson, who has lived in King County since 1988 and came to Columbia City around six years ago. “The neighborhood has lost a lot of its soul.”

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