Columbia City Construction and Development Roundup

The Columbia City Facebook page has been blowing up lately with reports of new condos, apartments, and mixed-use spaces planned for the neighborhood.

Thanks to Scott A. (the neighbor behind a lot of these posts), Columbia City Source has a well-maintained development map that allows readers to get a birds-eye view of what’s potentially coming to our pocket of Rainier Valley. Click here to check it out.

Although a number of these designs are certainly in the “proposal” stage, it’s important for neighbors to stay in know. While there’s certainly more to explore than what’s listed below, here’s a quick roundup of some of the latest development buzz:

37th and Hudson: Located across from the Greenhouse Apartments, next to the Super Six parking lot. 4-Story. 35 Units. Microhousing with limited live/work and possible retail. No parking. hudson

Columbia City Post Office: This could be a major change to the neighborhood.  The proposal is for 240 units (that’s on the scale of the PCC/Angeline project) and would replace the current post office building with a 7-story project that spreads from the post office location all the way up to Rainier. There’s been lots of concern about the future of the post office. Here’s one reply from the city that a neighbor received.


39th and Ferdinand Church Conversion:This project has been in the works for years, stalling out a number of times. Recent permits and proposals suggest that it’s back on. The plan is to convert the existing, empty church building into apartments and condos (looks like eight units) and to demolish a portion of the structure for single family homes. Church

Alaska and MLK: 200+ units and retail planned to fill the empty lot directly adjacent to the light rail station. MLK39th and Rainier: 120+ Units between Columbia City and Hillman City. Includes retail. Currently the home of an auto lot.39th

The Rainier/MLK Bowtie: A bit of a different kind of proposal and a bit north of Columbia City, but important to be aware of. The pic below is the proposed redesign for the complicated intersection near Franklin High School and the Mount Baker Light Rail Station. Here’s the Seattle Bike Blog’s review of the plan.Bowtie

In addition, be sure to keep an eye on the LEM’s bookstore/Busy Bee area (just south of Columbia City’s main business district). The whole block is essentially for sale–some rumors are trickling up that there are deals in the works.

What’d I miss? Be sure to use the comments to chime in and let us know…

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