First Images of Future Pagliacci

useThanks to the efforts of Scott A., we’ve got the first look at what’s in store for the Hastings Building at the corner of Ferdinand and Rainier. As reported a few weeks ago, the plan is for Pagliacci to open a restaurant in the heart of Columbia City. Here are the details from Scott’s original post on the Columbia City Facebook page:

On Tuesday afternoon the Columbia City [Historic District] Review Committee met to review the alterations planned for the Hastings Building at 4901 Rainier Ave S. The north portion of the building (including the corner) will have a Pagliacci Pizza shop where Carol Cobb salon used to be. The building was damaged on August 28, 2014 by a car running into it. The biggest change seems to be that the existing canopy will be removed and new steel and glass canopies will be installed.

I wasn’t able to attend the meeting but I did just visit the Department of Neighborhoods office downtown and reviewed the plans. I was allowed to take photos of the plans that were presented. There are probably plenty more meetings yet to go on this prominent project but if you have comments – send them to Rebecca who oversees our historic district for the city. Contact info at this link:…/h…/historic-districts/columbia-city


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