Seattle Times on Bob’s Reopening

Photo: Seattle Times

On Christmas Eve you have to take a number at Bob’s Quality Meats in Columbia City

Last week, The Seattle Times’ Jessica Lee posted a nice piece on the reopening of Bob’s Meats. There’s even a video that walks us through the damage of the fire. To read the full piece, click here.

…The store at 4861 Rainier Ave. S. started taking orders again earlier this month, though with a slightly modified menu. Last-minute building preparations cut time for smoking some of the store’s big meats, such as its popular fresh turkeys and hams.

“It’s good to have him back,” customer Mark Holtzen said of James Ackley. Holtzen has been buying meat at Bob’s for 10 years.

The meat shop sells hundreds of hams each Christmas season and more than 500 fresh turkeys each Thanksgiving. The store packages about 150 pounds of homemade sausage on an average day throughout the year, and at times, Bob’s offers more than 100 varieties of chicken, beef, sausage and pork.

The advertised selection runs the gamut, from unique delicacies such as pig hearts and oxtail, to the classics, such as drumsticks and rib-eye steak. Bob’s sells to downtown Seattle restaurants and across the country, continuing a long-running, meat-cutting tradition.

Joe Ackley, James Ackley’s grandfather, started the meat business more than a century ago when he sold meat off a wagon pulled by mules in the Yakima area. After the invention of refrigeration, he opened a shop in 1909 where his sons, including James Ackley’s father, Bob, helped prepare meat.

In 1963, Bob Ackley moved his family to Seattle and opened a shop in West Seattle. Then in the late 1970s, the Ackleys took over another family’s meat shop in Columbia City, where Bob’s continues today.

“I don’t think that many people get the opportunity to experience this kind of connection … with their neighborhood, particularly in an urban place that we in our family have always kind of known,” said Abraham Ackley, the shop’s current manager…

For the full piece, click here.



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