Design Review for the Proposed Alaska / Rainier Project

For better, for worse, Columbia City is changing.

One of the largest changes on the horizon is the proposal for a new mixed-use, 7 story, 241 unit, 25,000sf of retail project  planned for the current site of the Columbia City Post office (no word on what this means for a future CC post office location). The site has some unique (and steep) topography, wrapping around the Burdick Security building and stretching all the way to the corner of 38th and Alaska at the Genesee ballfields and up to Rainier directly across from the library. Library

Today, the planners posted a new design review packet which helps give a sense of the scale, style, and potentially huge impact of this proposal.

The Full Design Review packet (57 pages) can be downloaded here. I encourage everyone interested to download it and take a look. Here are some highlights:

RetailFacing Library Cross Section Facing BiblioAlaska Alaska and 38th Courtyard

As you can see, this is a big one and will drastically change the feel and offerings of Columbia City. There’s room for an impressive amount of retail (including some large-scale retailers and a mix of smaller shops, restaurants), improved pedestrian access to Genesee and the park/community center, and another 250 apartments + 245 parking spots (86 retail, 159 residential). Of course, there are pros and cons to all of that.

If you have opinions or concerns, an important Design Review meeting is scheduled for all those looking to chime in (click for info):

Review Meeting
January 26, 2016 8:00pm

Rainier Valley Cultural Center

3515 S. Alaska St.

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