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Seattle Met on Marination’s Super Six

As the signs on the old Esmay building have been covered up with Super Six’s new branding, the excitement about Marination’s new Columbia City project has been growing. SUPERSIXdoor_1__zpqjaw

Seattle Met’s got the following details:

Team Marination sent along a few more details on Super Six, the former auto body shop in Columbia City that will soon see new life as a day-to-night restaurant with long-term plans that involve a rocking beer garden. Owners Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison say their latest outpost will open in September, though as always that’s subject to a million unknowns and variables.

Super Six is named in honor of a slick long-ago sedan produced by the equally long-ago Hudson Motor Company and will essentially serve a broader take on Marination Mobile’s Hawaiian-Korean fusion. In a most appropriate turn of events, Ma’ono chef/owner Mark Fuller–a guy who knows a thing or two about fusing Hawaiian and Asian flavors–is consulting on the menu. Kim Mahar is the opening pastry chef, a move that might prompt cries of nepotism, except that she put out some pretty impressive desserts during her days as the pastry chef at at RN74.

Saxton and Edison also have their leadership in place: Chef Ryan Doran has been working alongside Caprial Pence at the Alexis, GM Kristian Unvericht helped open Tallulah’s. Here’s another rendering, just for kicks. A large beer garden is slated to arrive next summer, but hopefully the weather gods and the opening/permitting gods will align to let us enjoy a few weeks of that little patio before fall truly sets in.

Supersix patio 1 icok9v

Eater Seattle also picked up on the most recent announcements.

First Sketches of Marination’s Super Six

UntitledAs many in the neighborhood are eagerly awaiting, Marination’s new project, Super Six, is currently under construction, converting Hudson’s Esmay building into a new restaurant set to open in the fall. The design for the restaurant just recently received approval by the Landmarks Preservation Board and the Columbia City Review Committee. In the released, public application and decision there are some sketches and mock-ups done by Strata Architects, the firm behind the design.

The images appear to be scanned and are therefore not the best quality, but here’s your first look at what’s coming to the neighborhood:

Hudson 6.1 Hudson 6.2 Hudson 6.3 6.4

Super Six: Marination’s New Columbia City Project

Here’s the official press release:Untitled



Marination Opens Sixth Concept in the South End with Chef Angie Roberts’ Asian-inspired Menu

SEATTLE – (May 20, 2015) –The folks at Marination are no strangers to Seattle, with a strong and popular presence in Capitol Hill, West Seattle and their roving curb cuisine, courtesy of the food truck, Big Blue. For their next venture, the ladies of Marination are excited to announce Super Six, a new bar and restaurant in Columbia City, set to open in late 2015.

Why Super Six? The restaurant’s namesake was inspired by its location in a former auto body shop on Hudson Street. The Super Six was a prized model of the Hudson Motor Company that was big enough to fit the family but powerful enough to earn driving respect. Marination founders Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton loved the spirit of this practical, saucy and full-of-life roadster and thought it was the perfect fit for their new restaurant.

Super Six aims to be that neighborhood place that has it all, offering espresso, weekend brunch, a full cocktail bar and beer garden and a menu focused on Asian flavors with elements of American comfort food and Pacific Northwest staples.

Super Six will be the sixth concept by the Marination team. Its five other siblings include Marination’s food truck Big Blue, Marination Station, Marination ma kai, Marination catering and their home base commissary. Hello, Six—you’re looking good already.

About Marination

In 2009, Marination owners Kamala and Roz decided to take business into their own hands. Their food truck, Big Blue, rolled out to the Seattle streets with smiles for miles and their unique Hawaiian-Korean fusion cuisine in tow. Millions of tacos and six incredible years later, Marination has grown into a beloved, aloha-filled family including the original Big Blue truck, a take-out spot in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, a waterfront restaurant on Alki and the new Super Six restaurant and bar in Columbia City.

Find out more about Marination and Super Six at

Seattle Met also covered the release, click here for their take on the new project.

Seattle Met + Seattle Times on Marination’s New Columbia City Project

Photo: Seattle Eater

Photo: Seattle Eater

After a few years of sleuthing the scoop on the Esmay building, things seem to be pretty official with multiple media outlets now reporting the opening of a new restaurant from the owner’s of Marination at Rainier and Hudson.

Last week, Marination got in touch directly with a mini-press release explaining their proposed plans for their upcoming restaurant…and this week, there is already a crew of workers making changes to the building (most likely setting up the first phase–a full commissary kitchen for some of Marination’s other projects).

Both Eater Seattle and Seattle Met picked up the story and even included some of Columbia City Source’s ongoing coverage of the many potential plans that have fallen through.

Seattle Met picked up a few more details:

For two women who built their business out of a food truck, Marination owners Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison have a knack for turning uncommon older spaces into congenial bars and restaurants. Now the pair are expanding the Marination empire to Columbia City, turning the former Esmay Auto Rebuild garage just off Rainier Ave into a restaurant.

It doesn’t yet have a name. And while it’s not technically a Marination, it will share a distinct aloha vibe with the company’s other spots on Capitol Hill and in West Seattle…and the big blue truck where it all began.

A few favorite Marination dishes will show up on the menu, but otherwise company chef Angie Roberts gets to create an entirely new lineup of sunny Asian-Hawaiian fare. The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus weekend brunch. Saxton wants the place to function as a community center of sorts, a place for Little League banquets and casual meetups. Yes, it will be super family friendly, she says. “But expect booze-filled evenings.” There will be ample cocktails, plus the space has a massive attached parking lot that in Saxton’s mind “screams beer garden.” And these ladies would know—the patio at Ma Kai might be the most scenic beer garden in town.

Saxton and Edison were scouting for a commissary kitchen—a place to prep the food served on the truck and elsewhere—and decided to check out the 1947 garage, which had attracted initial interest from a few local chefs and a brewery in the past few years, but was still available. It had great bones and enough room for both a commissary and a full-on restaurant.

Since the space is bigger and more nocturnal than the Marination locations, and will serve a far broader menu than the truck, it felt right to give it a separate identity. Plus, she says she and Edison had a lot of fun opening Good Bar in a former bank building in Pioneer Square (see what I mean about cool spaces?).

The official word is the restaurant will open this fall, but Saxton dares to dream it could happen by late summer…all the more time to enjoy the beer garden. There’s also talk of a popup or two in the parking lot while construction is happening. Keep tabs on all this over at the Marination Facebook

The Seattle Times also picked up the new addition to the neighborhood:

MARINATION’S COMING TO COLUMBIA CITY, and it sounds like it’ll make the neighborhood very, very happy. The new restaurant from Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton doesn’t have a name yet, but it’ll be in the building formerly housing Esmay’s Auto Rebuild (3714 S. Hudson St.). They plan to be open for coffee and so forth in the morning, weekend brunch, and cocktails and dinner — the latter with an Asian-Hawaiian menu featuring local ingredients.

Edison and Saxton live in Columbia City and Seward Park, so it’ll be closer to home for them than their other spots (the various Marination incarnations and the swell-looking newish Good Bar in Pioneer Square). Edison says, “We’re excited about all the growth happening in this part of Seattle and we wanted to bring some aloha to it.” They anticipate opening next fall.

Esmay Rumor’s Continued: Future Marination Restaurant After All

532640_482152555160135_1462361460_nA couple of weeks ago, I reported that the Esmay building on Hudson (right across from the Greenhouse) was getting converted into a commissary kitchen for Marination’s beloved Hawaiian-fusion restaurants and food truck. As can be imagined, the thought of a prep-only-no-restaurant business in a prime location right in the heart of Columbia City’s business district left a lot of neighbors wishing for more.

Well, good news for everyone craving tacos and sliders: after digging a bit more and discussing the matter with a few people in the know (including Marination directly), a restaurant is definitely in the works for the Esmay building. Public permits and notices submitted to the City of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development indicate that the project will be done in two stages–the first will be the originally planned commissary kitchen…from there, a second phase of construction will take place, converting Esmay’s into a full restaurant. The following correction notice (where the city had some questions about why a commissary would need a seating area) clarifies the plan:Ordinance Structural Correction Response

While the details of what the restaurant will be are still unclear (Marination currently has three establishments: Marination Station (Capitol Hill), Marination Ma Kai (Alki), and Marination Mobile (food truck)), I’ve been told that a big project is in the works with outdoor seating, a possible beer garden, and major changes to the building listed as part of the plan.  0413_marination-1367007802

So, stay tuned…as we all know,  many potential plans have existed for this site (brewery, burger joint, etc.) and none have come to fruition. This one, however, seems to be the furthest along in the planning stages (type in 3714 S Hudson to see what’s been submitted thus far). While there’s no confirmation on what the restaurant will actually be, we do know for a fact that a commissary is in the works, a restaurant is planned as a second phase, and that Marination is behind it.

Update on the Esmay Building: Marination to Convert Space into Commissary


Although it will be made right here, don’t expect to actually be able to eat this in Columbia City.

Vacant for years (even after an extensive structural remodel which seemed to be prepping it for a restaurant), the Esmay Building has long been the subject of ongoing rumors. With its good bones, exposed beams, great vintage signage, and key location right in the core Columbia City historic business district (directly across from Greenhouse on Hudson), many neighbors have hoped for another business or establishment that could be another major draw and key part of the community. However, it looks like the potential for any brewery or burger joint is gone.

The Seattle Department of Planning and Development is showing new documentation for the space to officially get converted into a commissary kitchen for Marination. For those not familiar with the business, Marination operates two restaurants: Marination Station on Capitol Hill and Marination Ma Kai on Alki. Marination’s original food truck, Marination Mobile (a.k.a: Big Blue), also has a dedicated following, was once voted America’s best food truck (somehow by Good Morning America’s viewers?), and even had a short stint in Columbia City where the new PCC is now going in.

Looking at the initial forms that have been publicly posted (click here…type “3714 S Hudson” in to search), the proposals and permitting do not appear to have any plans at all for using part of the building for a restaurant space.

I’ve got an email in to the owner of Marination to see if there is any hope for tacos in the neighborhood’s future… from the looks of things, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Esmay Rumors Continued…Marination?

The Esmay Building (3714 S Hudson St…right across from the Greenhouse Apartments) has long been a topic for neighborhood business rumors, potential, and hopes. I’ve reported before on some initial buzz about a Scott Staples Uneedaburger project… only to have that one eventually fizzle out and the building to continue to sit empty. 532640_482152555160135_1462361460_n

For the past year or so, with the exception to a recent failure to pay utilities notice clearly posted up on the door (intriguingly addressed to Columbia CIty Brewery…which doesn’t really seem to exist),  there’s been zero action on the property.

A few weeks ago however, a new site plan went up–the business owner…Marination. marinationedit

Before you get too excited about those beloved Korean-Hawaiin tacos once again being available in Columbia City (the Marination foodtruck once had a residency in the lot where the new PCC is going in) the initial site plan seems to suggest that the plan is solely to convert the space into a new commissary kitchen. We also know that a posted site plan is by no means a guarantee that anything is going to happen with the space…plenty of them never come to fruition.

Who knows though…perhaps there’s a chance Marination will realize the building would be a great option for a Southend Marination Station or Mai Kai Columbia City.

Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max Coming to Columbia/Hillman City

Eater Seattle confirmed today that Sam Choy’s popular food truck, Poke to the Max, will be taking over the former La Isla de Mojito space between Columbia and Hillman City (5300 Rainier Ave S).

As many know, this is a tricky spot for restaurants. La Isla de Mojito, Grecian Delight, Kawayan, and Kawalli grill have all made a go in the location over the last few years only to eventually close the doors. For many neighbors, the space is cursed…the location where restaurants go to die. However, Sam Choy himself may be the key to making the space work. Choy’s a celebrity chef with a slew of restaurants, trucks, cooking shows, etc. From Choy’s wikipedia page:

Sam Choy is a chef, restaurateur, and television personality known as a founding contributor of “Pacific rim cuisine“.Choy is an alumnus of the Kapiolani Community College Culinary Arts program. One of his first jobs as a chef was at The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. He would then return to Hawaii, where he eventually opened a chain of restaurants.Choy helped develop and popularize Hawaii regional cuisine. In 1991, Choy founded the Poke Festival and Recipe Contest.

In 2004, Choy was awarded the James Beard Foundation Award America’s Classics Award for Sam Choy’s Kaloko in Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. The award recognizes “beloved regional restaurants” that reflect the character of their communities.

Choy has appeared in several Food TV programs, including Ready.. Set… Cook! and Iron Chef America. He is good friends with Emeril Lagasse,who has appeared on Choy’s TV show Sam Choy’s Kitchen on KHNL. Lagasse has also mentioned Choy by name several times in his TV shows; one of those times he was making Poke on his live TV show, and added peanut butter to the Poke – Choy’s “secret ingredient”. In 2015, Choy broadcast a series on YouTube, Sam Choy In The Kitchen.

Choy has designed special Hawaiian inspired dishes for American Airlines first class passengers to and from Hawaii.

In addition, Choy’s truck is very popular, often with long lines at its roving locations around the city and plenty of positive reviews on Yelp.

As many know, this stretch of Rainier between Hillman and Columbia City is about to see incredible change. There’s a major, 4-6 story, 120+ unit development planned for the auto yard directly across the street from this location. With it, the divide (if there is one) between the two neighborhoods will continue to blur.

Interestingly, with Marination’s Super Six opening last year on Hudson, Choy’s new addition will mark the neighborhood’s second Hawaiian food truck-to-brick and mortar business to move in.

Currently, there are no permits filed for the location that provide any clues as to how extensive the renovation to the site will be.

Super Six to Open on Thursday

Columbia City’s newest offering, Super Six, is set to open this Thursday at 3pm. For more on this new project from the team behind Marination, click hereC8llOvrB_400x400 (1)

Super Six Opening Super Soon

While the official date has yet to be announced (one reliable rumor is as early as the 10th), Marination’s new Columbia City project, Super Six, has dropped a few hints on their Facebook page as to what’s about to open on Hudson St.

If you are excited, click here to vote in Eater Seattle’s poll on the most anticipated fall restaurant openings. Thus far, Super Six has a clear lead.PicMonkey Collage

Update: The Super Six Twitter feed is also active. Here are a few more teasers.

PicMonkey Collage