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Sea Salt Changes Name to Salted Sea

The other day I noticed the temporary sign where Sea Salt is going in had the name removed.

Now, when you head to, you’ll get redirected to the new site for Salted Sea: Seafood & Raw Bar. The branding looks identical and the name appears to be the only change.

Salted Sea  Seafood   Raw Bar

More Clues about Sea Salt

seasaltWhile we are all still waiting for more details on Sea Salt, the restaurant currently under construction at 4915 Rainier (the former Angie’s location), a new posting on Craigslist and Poached (a site for those in the food industry) provides a few more hints as to what’s coming to the neighborhood:

Sea Salt, a new modern American seafood restaurant and raw bar opening this spring in the heart of Columbia City, is seeking a Chef de Cuisine. This position offers a unique opportunity to help launch an exciting new addition to the South Seattle culinary scene.

The opening day menu for Sea Salt has been developed by a local consulting chef, and it will be the job of the Chef de Cuisine to see that the kitchen staff can consistently reproduce those dishes at a high level. Once the restaurant is open and running smoothly the Chef de Cuisine will assume some collaborative creative control.

Applicants to this position should possess excellent communication skills, and be capable of managing a competent and cohesive crew, as well as controlling food and labor costs, while maintaining inventory. We want to foster a positive, fun working environment, and we’re looking for an open minded individual who can lead by example and get the best out of their team. Must have three years experience as a Chef or Sous Chef. As we are a seafood restaurant and raw bar, experience with and interest in local seafood is essential.

This is a full-time, salaried position with quarterly bonus opportunities. Pay will depend upon experience.

If you think this might be you, please respond by emailing your resume as well as a cover letter.


Sea Salt Update

seasaltConstruction has been underway for about a month now at the future home of Sea Salt, the new seafood restaurant that’s coming to Columbia City at 4915 Rainier Ave S (the new building in the former Angie’s location).

There’s still not much to report from earlier rumors and hints picked up from city permits, but Sea Salt now officially has a web presence.

A few weeks ago, went live with a basic “coming soon” message and a few tweets have shown up from @seasaltseattle including this one:

The only seafood and raw bar in South Seattle bout to come to Columbia City in Spring!

It’s not much right now, but it’s definitely something to look to forward to. For more info on what is known about the restaurant, click here.

Salted Sea Reviewed by Seattle Weekly

Salted Sea earned itself a full review from The Seattle Weekly. Here’s the quick summary:


The absolute best thing on the menu? Shrimp toast. Though you may recall it from your childhood Chinese-American restaurant’s pièce de résistance, the flaming pu pu platter, what few people know is that the Vietnamese also have their version, likely influenced in part by the French. Here, small rounds of French bread are slathered in shrimp paste, scallion, ginger, and lime, then broiled. The result is like a savory, shrimp-flavored cheese toast, as the shrimp paste melts and resembles cheese in texture. It’s completely delicious and gooey, and you should get two orders ($8 each) so that, if dining as a couple, you each get three.

As for service, it was somewhat uneven, though always friendly; given the full house and the restaurant’s infancy (it opened earlier this summer), longish waits here and there were forgivable.

If you don’t mind the haphazardness of the Vietnamese influence, you’re sure to find enough here to enjoy. But it may take more than a few visits to figure it out.

To read the whole piece, click here.

Salted Sea: Open!

After following the rumors for months, I somehow missed posting anything about Salted Sea’s official opening day.

Walking by a few times, the place has been consistently busy since Wednesday.  Reviews on Yelp are starting to trickle in and so far, so good.

Zagat’s Leslie Kelly seems to have the most extensive coverage of the opening:


Salted Sea launched this week in Columbia City, the historic neighborhood south of Seattle that’s getting hipper by the moment. There has been a lot of recent additions, including this upscale restaurant with a menu that’s laser-focused on fish. From butter-poached prawns and whole roasted trout, the lineup is totally seafood-centric, except for the mustard-crusted lamb chops. Here are a few standouts, which are also discounted during happy hour, which runs from 3 to 6 PM daily.


Nestled on crushed ice toward the back of the open, airy dining room, the opened-to-order bivalves are finished in imaginative toppers like a tart rhubarb migonette and tarragon pickled mustard seeds. Oyster selections will shift regularly, but the opening options included superstar choices such as Shigoku, Virginicas, Kusshi and Mintner Sweet Select.

Curried mussels

Plump and meaty, these shellfish don’t disappear when simmered in spicy green coconut curry. The crispy shallots on top are brilliant.

Shrimp toast

This Asian staple doesn’t show up nearly enough around Seattle, but maybe this stellar version will start a trend. The ginger and garlic-seasoned shrimp spread is smeared on sliced baguette from Columbia City Bakery and sauteed in butter.

Salmon slider

This itty-bitty sandwich (pictured in the main image) has a whole lot going on in between the toasted buns. Beyond the cooked-right chunk of fish, there’s also candied bacon, a tomato-red onion jam and tender spinach leaves. We’re hooked.

Salted Sea Posts Sample Menu

Seattle Eater was the first to notice that Salted Sea, the new seafood restaurant opening soon in Columbia City, posted a sample menu on its website:

Sandwiches, brunch, and oysters galore are on the way

Columbia City is indeed getting a seafood and raw bar where Angie’s Tavern used to live (4915 Rainier Ave S). Scheduled to open this month, the new Salted Sea will bring oysters aplenty (raw, pan-fried, and by way of a banh mi and a smoked oyster hash) and also serve up brunch. Check out their sample menu below and stay tuned for more updates on their opening day and decor.


Salted Sea Job Fair + Coverage


Salted Sea Interior. Photo: Seattle Eater

The other day, the hiring team behind Salted Sea (the new seafood restaurant going in across from the Columbia City Theater at what was once the address of Angie’s) announced they are hiring. Now, they’ve let it be known that this Saturday (5/2 from 12-5) they will be having an actual job fair at the restaurant.

In addition, Eater Seattle has begun to pay attention to the new restaurant and posted the following, quick write-up. Besides the new interior photo, it doesn’t reveal too much more than we already knew.

It’s true after all.After six months of whisperings that oysters may be coming to Columbia City, the rumors are confirmed: Salted Sea plans to open at 4915 Rainier Avenue S (the new building in the old Angie’s location) this May. A “modern American seafood restaurant and raw bar,” the restaurant reports that they will feature “local seafood in a variety of preparations with an emphasis on simplicity and clean flavors” with influences from French and Vietnamese cuisines. And yes, oysters will be front and center.

The team is currently busy hiring cooks and stewards and isn’t confirming who is at the helm yet, or what to expect more specifically in menu or décor. Stay tuned for updates stat.

Salted Sea: Hiring + May Opening

Columbia City’s soon-to-be newest restaurant, Salted Sea, is hiring. The post also provides more clues as to what the new “seafood & raw bar” will offer. For more information on the positions that need to be filled (cooks, servers, bartenders), click here.

Salted Sea  Seafood   Raw BarAs we prepare to put the finishing touches on our restaurant, we are seeking the following positions to be fulfilled prior to our May opening…

Our menu will feature local seafood in a variety of preparations with an emphasis on simplicity and clean flavors. The style will be modern American with influences from French and Vietnamese cuisines. Oysters will be featured prominently.


Rumor Update: Seasalt Restaurant Coming to Columbia City

A few weeks ago, a rumor bubbled up that a new restaurant (possibly a fish + oyster bar) is coming to Columbia City in the new, long-vacant building at the former Angie’s location. Updates this week to the Seattle Property and Permit records indicate that work on Seasalt might soon be underway.

In addition to this site plan, the records indicate that Huy Tat (who appears to  be connected to the beloved Hue Ky Mi Gia restaurant in the ID (not confirmed)) is the owner and that the project is being designed by M + G DesignSeasalt Plan


Rumor: New Seafood Restaurant Coming to Columbia City?

The details are very scarce, and it’s probably too early to count on it (let alone post something like this), but there is a rumor on the rise that the new, long-empty building at the former Angie’sCCBA-Website-V2_03 location has been leased to a new seafood restaurant. The signage for the upstairs rental does appear to have changed, indicating that at least the office space above has been rented. (correction: the signage indicates it’s the downstairs restaurant space). This prompted a Facebook discussion on the Columbia City page, and there, some neighbors in the know are indicating that, indeed, a new fish and oyster place aptly named “Sea Salt” is coming our way.

We’ll see how it pans out–there has definitely been excitement before about neighborhood food possibilities that haven’t quite come to fruition, so be sure to chime in if you have any more details.