Columbia City Source is an informal, neighborhood blog designed to gather relevant news and foster active discussion for the Seattle neighborhood of Columbia City. It is created by neighbors, for neighbors and aims to fill the gap left by the now-defunct Columbia Citizens Wiki, the broad (but great!) South-end coverage of the Rainier Valley Post, and the various neighborhood social media groups. The idea is relatively simple: we scour the internet and connect with neighbors to find Columbia City-related links, updates, proposals, and news and put it all in one place–a one-stop source, if you will, for those wanting to be an active part of the neighborhood.

To be clear, the main goal of Columbia City Source is not to generate original journalism (although if anyone wants to take that on, be in touch!). Rather, the idea is create an online forum for neighbors to engage, discuss, find answers, and participate. We are not connected to any organization, media outlet, or advertising–we’re just neighbors trying to stay engaged and connected. Columbia City already has a great network of involved neighbors, businesses, and organizations and this site hopes to be a way to aggregate the efforts of those looking to reach the broadest neighborhood base.

If you want to get involved, help the site expand, join in, partner-up, submit a relevant post, make a suggestion, or find out more, be sure to let us know.

Let’s see how it goes…

-Eric (37th and Hudson)

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