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Vigil Walk (Today!) for Zeytuna: Hit-and-Run Victim

Late notice, but I wanted to get this posted:

Vigil Walk for Zeytuna Edo

photo of Zeytuna with mapZeytuna was walking with her family at Genesee and MLK when she became the victim of a hit and run car collision, leaving her hospitalized with very serious injuries.  Her family and the community have planned a gathering to bring attention to this incident involving Zeytuna and to talk about making our streets safer for all.

DONATE to Zeytuna’s family through

WHEN: Saturday, November 1st 2- 5pm

Speakers will include:

  • Mayor Ed Murray
  • Family Members
  • Community Leaders

WHERE: Start at Columbia City Light Rail Station at Alaska & Martin Luther King. Stop at Genesee & MLK for a healing Vigil. Proceed to the Boys & Girls Club – where Zeytuna & her family were headed when she was struck 4520 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S – for a Solutions Meeting.

– Rainier Valley Greenways- Phyllis Porter 206-695-2522 / 253-545-8567

– Bike Works- Deb Salls 206-695-2607 / 651-231-3629

– Seattle Neighborhood Greenways- Cathy Tuttle 206-713-5869

Halloween in Columbia City

Interested in celebrating Halloween locally this year?

Columbia City is once-again hosting its annual Halloween event in the main business district complete with trick or treating, lots of adorable kids, and Geraldine’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest. As always, the competition is fierce.CCHalloween-Poster

The Rainier Valley Post also has a great overview of the events in the south-end. Be sure to click here to check out the RVP’s full post with links to all the details. Below are the details on just a few on the list.

There are so many fun Halloween events happening right here in the Rainier Valley both this weekend and next. Have fun, stay safe and use the comment section below to tell us what you did. You can even post your “South-End Halloween Scenes” on our Facebook Page. Enjoy!

The Fright On 44thColumbia City’s free annual haunted house comin’ at you live on Halloween night since the mid-nineties! The Fright (5036 44th Ave. S.) continues to expand by popular demand and even held a toned down pre-show for the little ones this year. Complete with backyard maze with live actors, props, attractions, tricks, treats, and the unexpected. All ages welcome but parental supervision is recommended. #BOO!

Trick or treat in Columbia CityThis is a fun, safe, annual trick-or-treat event in the heart of the Columbia City business district and sponsored by the Columbia City Business Association (CCBA). Look for orange and black balloons from 3 to 6 pm on Fri., Oct. 31, to identify participating businesses. Don’t forget to say, “Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, gimme somethin’ good to eat!” I mean, “Thank you!”

Lantern Walk in Cheasty Greenspace/Mt. ViewBased on traditions and cultures from all over the world that see the deepening darkness of Autumn as an invitation to shine our own personal light even brighter. Co-sponsored by The Makery and New Rainier Vista’s Seattle Housing Authority. Scheduled for Sat., Nov. 1, from 5:30 to 6:30(ish). Lantern making events are even in the works!

Bull Stewart’s 6th Annual Columbia City Classic Powerlifting Competition: Sat 10/25

Bull and the awesome folks at Columbia City Fitness posted the following flyer to the Columbia City Facebook page:


Arts Gumbo Saturday, November 8th

The final Arts Gumbo of the year is happening on Saturday November 8th at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center at 6pm. Here are the official details:

AG.11x17ELEC-1024x662The final Arts Gumbo event of the 2014 Series will feature the Caribbean with a performance by Grupo Utopia, a dinner and dance workshop. Featuring some of the best Caribbean musicians in Seattle, Grupo Utopia delivers a panoramic soundscape of Latin Music, blending Miguel A Munoz’s dynamic voice and piano, with an expressive percussion section run by Ricardo Guity and Jeff Busch, seasoned with the rhythmic cadence of Jeff Norwood on bass, all this balanced by the melodious direction of Patty Carrion on keyboards.

A Caribbean dinner will follow the performance, followed by a ‘Dances of the Caribbean’ workshop.

Tickets for Arts Gumbo 2014 can be purchased for $15 general; $10 seniors and students; $5 for children 5-12; at the door or at For updated event times and dates, please call 206.760.4285.

Faces of Columbia City: Farmers Market

Local photographer and owner of Naissance Studios, Tilly Goble, has posted another edition of her beautiful Faces of Columbia City series. In this round, she captured the vendors and neighbors of today’s last farmers market of the season. To view the complete album (as well as other parts of the project: Crossfit RE, Church of Hope, Jus Bar, Columbia City Bouquet ), be sure to head over to her website.seattle-family-photographer_01112   seattle-family-photographer_01151seattle-family-photographer_01122 seattle-family-photographer_01191

Correction: Tonight’s SDOT Traffic Safety Meeting is at the Cultural Center

Contrary to the first invites that went ouphotot for this event (and the subsequent info that was posted here on Columbia City Source), the  SDOT’s website indicates that tonight’s meeting will be taking place at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center (3515 S. Alaska St) and not as originally indicated by those invites at the Community Center. A quick call to the RV Cultural Center confirmed that the event is happening there tonight at 6:30.

Help spread the word. 

Reminder: SDOT Traffic Safety Meeting Tonight


UPDATE: SDOT’s website indicates that the meeting will be taking place at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center ( 3515 S. Alaska St) and not as originally indicated by the first invites at the Community Center. A quick call to the cultural center confirmed that the event is happening there tonight at 6:30.

As you can see in many of the posts below, since the major accident at Rainier and Ferdinand, the traffic safety of Rainier Ave, Columbia City, and the entire Rainier Valley has been the subject of a lot of local news coverage and commentary.

As a result, a neighborhood traffic safety meeting with the Seattle Department of Transportation is happening on tonight, Wednesday, 9/17, at 6:30 pm at the Rainier Community Center (4600 38th Ave. S.) Rainier Valley Cultural Center (behind the library) in Columbia City. Everyone interested in making the neighborhood streets safer is invited to attend.

For more details on the event, click here. (however, note the location correction above).

Kiro Covers Yesterday’s Cross “Walk-In”

Kiro’s Graham Johnson has a piece up on yesterday’s Cross “Walk-In” for Safe Streets:

CC_rallyResidents and business owners in Columbia City rallied Friday to call attention to safety improvements they say are needed along Rainier Avenue.

They say cars too often go much faster than the 30 mph speed limit and that signals are timed poorly, allowing pedestrians too little time to cross the street safely.

“It’s a speedway right through our main street,” said hotel owner Shelley Morrison.

She organized the rally at Rainier Avenue and South Ferdinand, the same intersection where a driver plowed into a hair salon and deli last week, injuring seven people.

“We were lucky that no one was killed,” said Jeffrey Taylor, who sells insurance across the street from the site of a less-serious car into building incident earlier this year. “We’ve had cars running into people, running into buildings.”

Rally organizers want a slower speed limit, better timed lights, and speed cameras.

They plan to bring up their concerns again at a Sept. 17 community meeting with the Seattle Department of Transportation.

SDOT city traffic engineer Dongho Chang said the timing of traffic signals will be adjusted by the end of the year, and that two radar-warning signs will be installed to tell drivers how fast they’re going.

He pointed out the car into building crash last week was a matter of “driver responsibility.”

Seattle police said Friday the driver was unconscious, with her hands off the steering wheel, at the time of the crash.

She was initially cited for negligent driving but the case remains under review.

It is unclear if she fell asleep or had a medical problem.

Cross “Walk-In” For Safe Streets Going on Now

photoIf you care about making our neighborhood streets safer, join the crowd at Rainier and Ferdinand at today’s Cross “Walk-In” for  Safe Streets.

Folks will be out, raising awareness until 5:30. Be sure to swing by and find out more about the problems, proposals, issues, and potential solutions.

See the post below for more details.