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Big Chickie Crowdfunding

A few weeks ago, we reported on Big Chickie, the new Pollo a la Brasa place opening up in Hillman City. Prior to even completing the framing of the remodel, Big Chickie has already received some buzz on the web, earning itself a write up on Seattle Met’s Nosh Pit and a mention on Eater Seattle’s webpage. As Alicia Vermillion writes:logo

At the corner of Rainier and Findley in Hillman City, a corner lot that long held a gas station is currently being transformed into Big Chickie, a quick-service restaurant dedicated to Peru’s signature charcoal-roasted chicken known as pollo a la brasa.

Owner Matt Stubbs grew up in DC, and says that pollo a la brasa was his mom’s “Tuesday night at 8pm, feed-the-kids solution.” He and his wife Sara are planning a rotating cast of sides that include the classics (fries and coleslaw are the traditional sidekicks for this chicken) and rice and beans, plus some healthy-ish dishes like kale slaw or lime-glazed roasted sweet potatoes. Seasonal options like corn salad might rotate through the menu, too.

The pollo itself will be marinated 24 hours before a sojourn on charcoal-fueled rotisseries, imported from Peru. Customers can order a whole, half, or quarter chicken for some family-style takeaway…

In the latest Big Chickie news, owners Matt and Sarah Stubbs have turned to a crowdfunding effort (click for details) to help offset some of the unexpected construction costs they’ve run into. Their video–which includes a great history of their property, their dedication to the neighborhood, and a glimpse into the design of the remodel–is worth watching. Have a look:

Hillman City Rallies Against Illegal Hostel

About a week ago,5f8d6dce3333080a585bcba6ad14439b this story broke about an illegal hostel that got busted in Seatac. There were some initial reports that the operators were thinking about relocating in Hillman City. Since there was nothing confirmed, I held back on posting the story.

Now, however, it looks like neighbors and businesses in Hillman City are taking action. Kiro is reporting that there’s a movement to resist the relocation:

Owners of an alleged illegally run hostel in SeaTac said they’re opening a new location in Hillman City, and potential neighbors are rallying against it.

“I think that they’re in a difficult position, but it’s also one of their making, or mismanagement,” said Joya Iverson, owner of Tin Umbrella Coffee.

The proposed location is along Rainier Avenue in Hillman City.

“I don’t want to see this hostel here. I don’t think we have a choice, but I’m not excited about this,” said Iverson.

Hillman City business leaders voiced their concerns at a business association meeting where they let it be known that they have serious reservations about it.

To read the whole post, click here.

Hillman City Collaboratory Featured in Real Change

Aaron Burkhalter at Real Change has a nice write-up of the new Hillman City Collaboratory that local pastor John Helmiere and Ben Hunter (executive director of Community Arts Create) have started:

Columbia City has been transformed over the past decade, with new boutique simg_20131210_124759hops, brewpubs and cafes lining either side of Rainier Avenue.

Its neighbor to the south, Hillman City, still boasts its old nail salons and bars and has yet to see the same economic transformation.

A local church and an arts group want to boost the neighborhood, serving existing residents and preserving history. The Hillman City Collaboratory, a storefront on Rainier Avenue South about a half mile south of Columbia City, is home to the two organizations, as well as a mashup of shared office space, a church, a meeting hall, a concert venue and a community garden.

“We want this to become a hub for change makers and a place where people doing good work in isolation find community and shared ideas and cross-pollination,” said John Helmiere, pastor of Valley & Mountain, a United Methodist congregation that started in Columbia City three years ago.

Helmiere and Ben Hunter, executive director of Community Arts Create, started their respective organizations about three years ago. They became friends and began planning an open community space where they could do their work with enough space to host other organizations as well

Be sure to click here to read the whole piece.

On a connected note, Burkhalter has another piece in Real Change covering the Collaboratory’s role in reviving the Catholic Worker Movement and its push for social justice.

New Businesses in Hillman City?

Tin Umbrella just updated the following to the Columbia City Facebook page.Image

Omg! Our landlord, James Ackley (of Bob’s Meats in Columbia City) just stopped in with some GREAT news! We are getting new neighbors, next door!! A refurbished furniture store in one unit and a pet food store in the other!! (Something to make both the people & pets happy!!) And with that, we have two fewer abandoned buildings in the HLC. If we went all-in on this coffee shop, James & his wife Tien have done the same to renovate this beautiful building–please give him some love next time you’re at Bob’s!