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Young & Young Smoked Fish Coming to Hillman City

10632102_863752313733291_874160328_nAfter months of really quiet rumors, a sign in the window next to Eyman’s Pizza confirms that Hillman City is about to get a new addition. While there’s not a ton known about Young & Young Smoked Fish Shoppe, here’s what I’ve been able to track down:

The business is run by Zac and Jesse Young. From this post on Cupcake Royale’s blog, it sounds like they’ve been in the smoked fish game for a few years.

Also (at least partially) confirmed, is that the business has some connection to Capitol Hill’s beloved Wandering Goose (update: one of the owners is married to Wandering Goose owner and chef, Heather Earnhardt)

Young & Young’s instagram account provides the most clues clues as to what we can expect.

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New Vet Clinic Coming to Columbia City

There’s not a ton of info out there, but new permits indicate that the empty space next to Rookies (3810 S Ferdinand and the former Jones BBQ spot) will soon be home to a new Columbia City Veterinary clinic.

If there’s more info out there about the clinic, be sure to chime in.


New Clues About Third Place Book’s Upcoming Restaurant, Raconteur

third_books_march_2013Ever since it was confirmed that Third Place Books is coming to the former Seward Park PCC site, many have been wondering what restaurant bookstore owner, Ron Sher, will be planning for the space. For those not familiar with Third Place, food is definitely part of the equation. The Ravenna location (also a former PCC) houses the popular Vios (which also has a branch of its Greek cafe on Capitol Hill) and The Pub at Third Place. Further north, the Lake Forest Park bookstore has a mini-food court of sorts with the Honey Bear Bakery, Kitto, and Burney Brotthers BBQ. Additionally, both Third Place Locations have plenty of space to find a spot to spread out, grab a coffee, and study, work, or read.

As reported earlier, the initial permits for the new Seward Park Third Place also include plans for at least one restaurant (it also seems the basement will possibly be used as a pub). Poking around a bit, it appears that the name for the restaurant will be Raconteur. To make things just a bit more interesting, Coury Restaurants seem to be the group behind Racounteur. Who are they? I have no idea…except that they share an address with Genessee’s own Flying Squirrel Pizza.


Edmunds Furniture Store Update

There’s not a ton of new info to report, but details on the plans to turn 3808 S Edmunds (formerly Awash Ethiopian Restaurant) into a new furniture store of some sort continue to trickle in.

While it’s not clear what kind of furniture store it will be or who’s behind it, the plans for the space were posted a few weeks ago. Here’s the only drawing that’s currently available. Plans.pdf

Rumor: Pet Store Coming to the Angeline

P-RAINIER-NORTH-CORNERI try to hold off on posting rumors without any evidence to back them up (permits, land use proposals, etc.), but enough neighbors have asked me if I know anything about the pet store coming to The Angeline (PCC’s new home) that I figured it was worth a post. To be clear, this is in no way confirmed.

So, who knows the details? I’ve heard everything from big-box chains (like a PetCo), to Mud Bay, to something much more local. I’ve also heard there’s a possibility that this store will not be taking the full, Rainier-facing storefront and that the space might be divided for an additional business to come in.

If you are in the know, be sure to use the comments to chime in.

Esmay Rumor’s Continued: Future Marination Restaurant After All

532640_482152555160135_1462361460_nA couple of weeks ago, I reported that the Esmay building on Hudson (right across from the Greenhouse) was getting converted into a commissary kitchen for Marination’s beloved Hawaiian-fusion restaurants and food truck. As can be imagined, the thought of a prep-only-no-restaurant business in a prime location right in the heart of Columbia City’s business district left a lot of neighbors wishing for more.

Well, good news for everyone craving tacos and sliders: after digging a bit more and discussing the matter with a few people in the know (including Marination directly), a restaurant is definitely in the works for the Esmay building. Public permits and notices submitted to the City of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development indicate that the project will be done in two stages–the first will be the originally planned commissary kitchen…from there, a second phase of construction will take place, converting Esmay’s into a full restaurant. The following correction notice (where the city had some questions about why a commissary would need a seating area) clarifies the plan:Ordinance Structural Correction Response

While the details of what the restaurant will be are still unclear (Marination currently has three establishments: Marination Station (Capitol Hill), Marination Ma Kai (Alki), and Marination Mobile (food truck)), I’ve been told that a big project is in the works with outdoor seating, a possible beer garden, and major changes to the building listed as part of the plan.  0413_marination-1367007802

So, stay tuned…as we all know,  many potential plans have existed for this site (brewery, burger joint, etc.) and none have come to fruition. This one, however, seems to be the furthest along in the planning stages (type in 3714 S Hudson to see what’s been submitted thus far). While there’s no confirmation on what the restaurant will actually be, we do know for a fact that a commissary is in the works, a restaurant is planned as a second phase, and that Marination is behind it.

Update on the Esmay Building: Marination to Convert Space into Commissary


Although it will be made right here, don’t expect to actually be able to eat this in Columbia City.

Vacant for years (even after an extensive structural remodel which seemed to be prepping it for a restaurant), the Esmay Building has long been the subject of ongoing rumors. With its good bones, exposed beams, great vintage signage, and key location right in the core Columbia City historic business district (directly across from Greenhouse on Hudson), many neighbors have hoped for another business or establishment that could be another major draw and key part of the community. However, it looks like the potential for any brewery or burger joint is gone.

The Seattle Department of Planning and Development is showing new documentation for the space to officially get converted into a commissary kitchen for Marination. For those not familiar with the business, Marination operates two restaurants: Marination Station on Capitol Hill and Marination Ma Kai on Alki. Marination’s original food truck, Marination Mobile (a.k.a: Big Blue), also has a dedicated following, was once voted America’s best food truck (somehow by Good Morning America’s viewers?), and even had a short stint in Columbia City where the new PCC is now going in.

Looking at the initial forms that have been publicly posted (click here…type “3714 S Hudson” in to search), the proposals and permitting do not appear to have any plans at all for using part of the building for a restaurant space.

I’ve got an email in to the owner of Marination to see if there is any hope for tacos in the neighborhood’s future… from the looks of things, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Major Development Being Planned for Alaska and Rainier

MapOver the past few weeks, I’ve had a few people ask if I know anything about the major development that’s being planned for the area around the post office and Burdick’s Security, just past the NW corner of Alaska and Rainier. Neighbor-in-the-know, Scott, recently posted this site plan to Columbia City Source’s Projects and Development Map (which is always accessible by clicking the link at the top of the page).

The description of the projects reads as follows:

“Construct 318,500 sq ft, 4-story mixed use building with 379 parking spaces.”

Taking a look at the initial site plan, this is a big project, with plans to demolish the post office building, keep the Burdick Security building, and build all the way up to Rainier with more retail and multiple stories. Johnston Architects submitted the proposal. Their work can be seen here.

Of course, at this point, nothing is finalized…but this would definitely be another enormous change to the neighborhood. If anyone has anymore information, be sure to let us know. Site Plan

Rumor: Empire Espresso Planning a New Columbia City Cafe/Roastery

This one appears to have gone overlooked by many (thanks to Chris for the tip!), but Empire has hinted on its blog that a new project is in the works:

l-1I guess now would be the time to break the news…we’re planning a roastery/cafe for this time next year in the heart of Columbia City a block from the original Empire Espresso.  We’re keeping our current cafe.  The new cafe will have little to no food.  We have a concept that we think is quite unique.  We’ll keep it a secret for now.
It might not look as fancy as the that new Starbucks [click for link that’s being referenced] but it will be a store that Columbia City residents can be proud of.

Esmay Rumors Continued…Marination?

The Esmay Building (3714 S Hudson St…right across from the Greenhouse Apartments) has long been a topic for neighborhood business rumors, potential, and hopes. I’ve reported before on some initial buzz about a Scott Staples Uneedaburger project… only to have that one eventually fizzle out and the building to continue to sit empty. 532640_482152555160135_1462361460_n

For the past year or so, with the exception to a recent failure to pay utilities notice clearly posted up on the door (intriguingly addressed to Columbia CIty Brewery…which doesn’t really seem to exist),  there’s been zero action on the property.

A few weeks ago however, a new site plan went up–the business owner…Marination. marinationedit

Before you get too excited about those beloved Korean-Hawaiin tacos once again being available in Columbia City (the Marination foodtruck once had a residency in the lot where the new PCC is going in) the initial site plan seems to suggest that the plan is solely to convert the space into a new commissary kitchen. We also know that a posted site plan is by no means a guarantee that anything is going to happen with the space…plenty of them never come to fruition.

Who knows though…perhaps there’s a chance Marination will realize the building would be a great option for a Southend Marination Station or Mai Kai Columbia City.