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The Stranger’s Charles Mudede Covers the Opening of Tiger Lilly Yoga

Columbia City resident and writer for The Stranger posted the following reflection on the opening of Tiger Lilly Yoga at Rainier and Genesee:

Photo by Charles Muede

Photo by Charles Mudede

Yoga is not new to Columbia City (the neighborhood already has two such businesses), and the gentrification of this racially diverse part of Seattle is quite honestly old news. A PCC Market is soon to open in the neighborhood’s core, there are several fancy apartment projects in the surrounding area, and the community will have a raw bar when the construction of the seafood restaurant Salted Sea is completed.

 So, what is interesting about Tiger Lily Yoga, which plans to service the needs of the diverse community (their website promises “LGBTQ Yogis,” “Yogis of color,” “Yogis with a lil extra badunk-a-dunk”) when it opens its doors on the first day of next month?
It replaced Believe in One Body JC, a black American business that once provided Christian-themed street gear to young people who wanted to be faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ and hip at the same time. The fashion critic Marti Jonjak described the clothes JC sold as having

Christian messages, and while some are direct, such as the graphic-print silver cross embellishing a plain black hoodie ($25), others are far livelier: “Getcha Praise On”…. Another shirt’s graphic resembles an academic emblem, with its symmetry and regal swirling, and the banner says “PYMP Style” in Old-English font (it stands for “People You Must Pray”).

That religious enterprise, which is very American and very black, will be replaced by one that’s about, among other things, “chanting (calming practice), pranayama (breathing practice), meditation (mental practice).” The new studio will also offer training in a Hindu medicine tradition called Ayurveda. Yoga is for a class of people who tend to be spiritual and not religious.
As Columbia City gentrifies, it is becoming more spiritual.

Super Six: Marination’s New Columbia City Project

Here’s the official press release:Untitled



Marination Opens Sixth Concept in the South End with Chef Angie Roberts’ Asian-inspired Menu

SEATTLE – (May 20, 2015) –The folks at Marination are no strangers to Seattle, with a strong and popular presence in Capitol Hill, West Seattle and their roving curb cuisine, courtesy of the food truck, Big Blue. For their next venture, the ladies of Marination are excited to announce Super Six, a new bar and restaurant in Columbia City, set to open in late 2015.

Why Super Six? The restaurant’s namesake was inspired by its location in a former auto body shop on Hudson Street. The Super Six was a prized model of the Hudson Motor Company that was big enough to fit the family but powerful enough to earn driving respect. Marination founders Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton loved the spirit of this practical, saucy and full-of-life roadster and thought it was the perfect fit for their new restaurant.

Super Six aims to be that neighborhood place that has it all, offering espresso, weekend brunch, a full cocktail bar and beer garden and a menu focused on Asian flavors with elements of American comfort food and Pacific Northwest staples.

Super Six will be the sixth concept by the Marination team. Its five other siblings include Marination’s food truck Big Blue, Marination Station, Marination ma kai, Marination catering and their home base commissary. Hello, Six—you’re looking good already.

About Marination

In 2009, Marination owners Kamala and Roz decided to take business into their own hands. Their food truck, Big Blue, rolled out to the Seattle streets with smiles for miles and their unique Hawaiian-Korean fusion cuisine in tow. Millions of tacos and six incredible years later, Marination has grown into a beloved, aloha-filled family including the original Big Blue truck, a take-out spot in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, a waterfront restaurant on Alki and the new Super Six restaurant and bar in Columbia City.

Find out more about Marination and Super Six at

Seattle Met also covered the release, click here for their take on the new project.

Columbia City’s Mini-Mall of Diverse Offerings


Safari Njema…photo by Kelly O, The Stranger

The Stranger has a new piece up on the plaza that is home to (among others) Full Tilt, the Hummingbird, Flying Lion, Rumba Notes, Watercress, and Safari Njema:

Ken Anderson and Lenore Sharp knew they were taking a risk when they opened their ice-cream shop, Full Tilt Columbia City, in a small, dingy plaza just off of Rainier Avenue six years ago.

“When we first moved in, the parking lot was shady. There was a storm fence across the front with plastic woven in, so you couldn’t see anything going on in here,” Anderson recalled. “There was barbed wire on top. And inside it was basically an open-air drug and prostitution market.” Sharp’s mother, who was visiting from out of town at the time, was horrified.

But Anderson and Sharp were optimistic about the location. Like their friends Justin Cline and Ann Magyar, who founded the Full Tilt in White Center, the couple believed their business could create a safer, more active community in their diverse neighborhood.

Today, their vision looks like it has become a reality: The barbed-wire fence is long gone, and the little plaza has become home to more than half a dozen businesses, including Hummingbird Saloon (which is also owned by Anderson and Sharp, along with family members Steve and Bridget Sharp), microbrewery Flying Lion, Kenyan restaurant Safari Njema, and Vietnamese eatery Watercress Bistro. There’s also a Vietnamese hair and nail salon, Mexican tienda, African convenience store, and Kenyan dance hall.

 In a gentrifying South Seattle neighborhood that was once mostly black, with a significant Latino and Asian population, the plaza serves the many tastes of its community. By all accounts, the retail strip is a mutually beneficial environment for business owners, who patronize each other’s establishments and encourage their customers to do the same.

Salted Sea Posts Sample Menu

Seattle Eater was the first to notice that Salted Sea, the new seafood restaurant opening soon in Columbia City, posted a sample menu on its website:

Sandwiches, brunch, and oysters galore are on the way

Columbia City is indeed getting a seafood and raw bar where Angie’s Tavern used to live (4915 Rainier Ave S). Scheduled to open this month, the new Salted Sea will bring oysters aplenty (raw, pan-fried, and by way of a banh mi and a smoked oyster hash) and also serve up brunch. Check out their sample menu below and stay tuned for more updates on their opening day and decor.


Details on Angeline Rentals: What $1,600-$3,400 Will Get You

Over the past few weeks, details have been trickling in about the apartments for rent at the Angeline (where PCC is going in). A new page for the apartments provides the following description and announces that applications are already being accepted:ISd83caqznr2da1000000000

Conveniently located just a short drive South of Downtown Seattle, Angeline Apartments canbe found in the heart of Historic Columbia City. Angeline Apartments bring a new, modern, artistic feel of home to a neighborhood defined by turn-of-the-century buildings, filled with eclectic mixes of retailers, vibrant dining, and a host of entertainment options. A community within itself, Angeline residents will enjoy a plethora of amenities on-site as; a private theater room, a spacious rooftop deck, a well-equipped fitness center, and resident bike lounge, just to name a few.

PCC Grocery Store will also fill the 25,000 sq. ft. retail space below, so residents may stroll downstairs for groceries, a cup of coffee or even a cooking class! Featured on the second level of the community, will be an exclusive herb garden, maintained year around. Angeline Apartments is the perfect place to call home in the culture rich, charismatic neighborhood of Columbia City.

Walkscore: 91%

In addition, this page from Zillow (so no guarantee these are the official costs) provides some insight as to what the costs of the rentals will be. From the looks of things, a studio will be about $1,600; a 1 Bedroom, $2,000ish; and  2 Bedroom/2 Bath can reach up to $3,400.

5/8 UPDATE: A couple of readers were wondering if the prices listed above were somehow inflated by Zillow. Here’s a confirmation email from the manager of Angeline:

I know that the price range that is given is pretty broad, but it is correct. I don’t have an approved budget as of right now, so I’ve been giving prices that were projected.

On a side note, we do have select apartment homes that have been placed in an Multi Family Tax Exemption (MFTE) program. To qualify for this, is dependent on how many occupants as well as income qualifications. The pricing for the studios are $910, one bedrooms are $1,234, and the two bedroom two bathrooms are at $1,554.

We are currently scheduled to have the keys given to us June 5th, but this is contingent on construction finishing on time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I will be sure to let you know if anything changes. Thank you for posting that information. Have a good weekend!!


Madrona Ridge Residential
Community Manager
Phone: (206)723-1843

Farmers Market Starts Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the first Columbia City Farmers Market of the season kicks off tomorrow from 3-7. For all the info about this year’s vendors, special events, and happenings, click here.

As always (even with PCC/Angeline and Gateway Project construction), the market will take place on Edmunds, right above Columbia Park.

See you all there.


Salted Sea Job Fair + Coverage


Salted Sea Interior. Photo: Seattle Eater

The other day, the hiring team behind Salted Sea (the new seafood restaurant going in across from the Columbia City Theater at what was once the address of Angie’s) announced they are hiring. Now, they’ve let it be known that this Saturday (5/2 from 12-5) they will be having an actual job fair at the restaurant.

In addition, Eater Seattle has begun to pay attention to the new restaurant and posted the following, quick write-up. Besides the new interior photo, it doesn’t reveal too much more than we already knew.

It’s true after all.After six months of whisperings that oysters may be coming to Columbia City, the rumors are confirmed: Salted Sea plans to open at 4915 Rainier Avenue S (the new building in the old Angie’s location) this May. A “modern American seafood restaurant and raw bar,” the restaurant reports that they will feature “local seafood in a variety of preparations with an emphasis on simplicity and clean flavors” with influences from French and Vietnamese cuisines. And yes, oysters will be front and center.

The team is currently busy hiring cooks and stewards and isn’t confirming who is at the helm yet, or what to expect more specifically in menu or décor. Stay tuned for updates stat.

Wabi Sabi Owner Thoa Nguyen on the Food Network and NPR

Wabi Sabi’s owner, Chef Thoa Nguyen, has been in the press lately, including an announcement that she’s appearing on a Food Network show competing against Bobby Flay. From the official press release:

thoa_nguyen_portrait_bst12c.gifIn January of this year, Seattle chef Thoa Nguyen competed on national television. The format of this popular show pits two professional chefs against one another for the opportunity to do battle with TV personality/chef Bobby Flay. The episode featuring Chef Thoa is titled “Homeland” and will air this upcoming May 14th – check local cable provider for times.  The results of the rivalry will not be known until that time. “The experience was great. I had fun and thank everyone who made this possible for me”, says Chef Thoa.

For those who haven’t met Thoa, she is seemingly mild mannered, petit, funny and exceedingly friendly by nature. Beneath her lovely façade, pulsates a competitor who can only be compared to a fierce, white tiger. Whatever the results of this encounter: Chef Thoa, the contestant, will prove to be entertaining!
About Chinoise & Wabi Sabi Restaurants:

Founded in Seattle by chef, restaurateur Thoa Nguyen, Chinoise Cafe & Wabi Sabi Sushi Bar are contemporary Pan Asian restaurants defined by their fresh, beautiful food from sushi to pho, wok dishes to summer salad rolls. Approachable Asian, affordable, fun, friendly and authentic, since 1996.

Chef Thoa was also profiled by National Public Radio for their Last Days in Vietnam program. To find out more about her unique story, click heredda001998_g1